In 2007 Goldcliff excavated what we now call the Bonanza Trench. Within this trench was a continuous 5 metre section that returned a weighted assay of 140.21 g/t gold or 4.089 ounces gold per short ton. The two contiguous multi ounce intervals were 1 metre of 15.311 ounces per ton(525.0 g/t) followed by 1.5 metres of 4.899 ounces per ton (168.0 g/t).

The Bonanza Trench area was subsequently stripped and sampled in detail. This work was followed with several drill holes. Hole 2008-175 intersected 12.45 g/t over .84 metres.

Ultra high grade gold values occur with the bismuth telluride minerals hedleyite and joseite. This mineral suite is consistent with the high grade mined at the Nickel Plate mine.