2021 Trenching

The objective of the Spring 2021 trenching and sampling activity was to identify the bedrock sources of an extensive boulder train of angular mineralized (>.25 ppm to 2.34 ppm Au) quartz-carbonate material.


Goldcliff excavated nine trenches spanning 600 metres in an NNW-SSE direction. Overburden cover proved to be deeper than anticipated and, in many areas, bedrock was covered by highly cemented glacial till. Sufficient outcrop was, however, exposed in most trenches for sampling.


Near the southern end of the trenching abundant quartz-carbonate talus was traced up-slope (westerly) resulting in the discovery of a bedrock source on a cliff face. This discovery, the Cliff Zone, prompted a prospecting and sampling traverse following outcrop ledges and the base of cliff faces up hill and westerly of all the trenches. The traverse successfully traced a quartz-carbonate zone for 700 metres in an NNW-SSE strike direction. The quartz-carbonate Cliff Zone displays silicification, brecciation, multiple phases of quartz-carbonate veining, and quartz stockwork veining. Banded vein textures, bladed calcite and amethyst were also observed with the latter quite common in the southern part of the zone. These characteristics are consistent with low sulphidation epithermal Au-Ag deposits. Clay alteration seen in trenches downhill and <100 m east of the Cliff Zone may be the result of structural and hydrothermal activity.