Diamond drilling provides geologist with a look into the ground. Core recovered from the drilling process is carefully observed and logged to describe rock type, texture, bedding planes or orientation, structures, alteration and mineralization. The core is then sawed in half and many small intervals (1-2 metres) each comprising a single sample are forwarded to an assay laboratory for analysis. The sampled are fire assayed for gold and silver and a 30 element ICP geochemical analysis is also conducted.

Since 2003 Goldcliff has completed 190 drill holes totalling 16,611 metres. Initially, drilling followed up surface trench results on the York, Viking and Nordic showings. Continued drilling on the York and Viking showings clearly demonstrated that in fact this is one continuous zone and is now referred to as the York-Viking zone. Follow up drilling on both the York-Viking and Nordic zones has provided a better understanding of the geometry of gold mineralization. Drilling has yet to define the limits of these zones and as such they remain open for expansion.

Much more drilling will be required to define a mineral resource and to test other showings and establish their relationship to the known zones.